Project Consultation

100% of projects should start with a consultation phase. Whether you’re putting up a single-page website or building an million-dollar application to take over an industry it all starts with a consultation.

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Website Development

Ready to build your website? I’m here to help. My specialty is WordPress sites, but I can build on a variety of platforms including e-commerce ones.

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Online Marketing

So you have your website up. Great! Now it’s time to get it noticed. I’m adapt at all the keywords: SEO, link building, social media marketing, content marketing, conversion optimization, and so on.

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Networking Events

Your business is more than a website. Connecting with people with similar objectives, or different skillsets, can be just the thing to get your idea rolling.

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Training Options

Sometimes you’d prefer to do the work yourself instead of delegating to someone else. It’s also useful to have some idea of what the work entails so you can set reasonable expectations.

Set up a one-on-one or group training session.

Second Opinion

You’ve already built your website and are marketing it. You expected to already be successful, but you aren’t. What gives? Time to get a second opinion.

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